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Service and Maintenance.

Newfoundland HVAC Limited offers complete building mechanical services for today's commercial, industrial, and institutional market. Our highly trained field technicians provide our company with unparalleled service expertise on the following systems:

  • Heating: Gas, oil, electric, heat recovery, make-up air, hydronic systems, and forced air systems.
  • Cooling: Unitary air conditioning, self contained, packaged, split, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, steam fired absorption chiller, and direct fired absorption.
  • Specialty: Industrial and process systems, pneumatic control systems, VAV systems, DDC control systems, PLC control systems, water treatment, industrial ventilation, CO monitor and exhaust systems and computer rooms.
Standard Contracts Include:
  • All inclusive maintenance.
  • Emergency service with guaranteed response time.
  • Multi-year system upgrade maintenance programs.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Service Contract Agreements

Our Vision.

  • To provide professional service to our customers, utilizing fully licensed mechanics. All servicing in keeping with manufacturers recommendations.
  • To respond to all service calls in fairness to customers of all sizes,
    giving priority to those under contract
  • To communicate openly with our customers: explain repairs and quotations and to adhere to our customers requirements
  • To be competitive in our field on our parts & labour pricing.
  • To listen to our customers concerns, and work together to resolve any problems efficiently and economically.
  • To comply with all government regulations such as ozone depletion and health and safety requirements.
  • To provide our mechanics and customers with the best experienced backup and reference system possible, including working supervisors, our reference library, professional engineer, service coordinators and construction department.
Our Service Division is dedicated to providing you with preventative and emergency services to ensure occupant comfort is uninterrupted 365 days of the year, 24 hour per day in an energy efficient manner.






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