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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Service

Your HVAC systems may be comprised of numerous subsystem components, such as; centrifugal chillers, modular air-conditioning units, make-up-air units, boilers, dehumidifiers, control systems, fans and pumps, etc.

Your building may also house specialized areas such as laboratories, clean rooms and computer rooms, each with their own vital components.

These subsystem components originate from multiple manufacturers, each with specific
maintenance requirements, involve multiple trades, and must be well interfaced to ultimately satisfy occupant and process needs.

With your building HVAC equipment costing easily in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars, equipment life must be expected to equal or surpass its design life.
Down time of equipment or staff must be kept to a minimum.

Before you assign such a mandate to a prospective contractor, you plan to evaluate the degree of expertise within the technician group and the infrastructure that supports them; those people and assets working behind the scenes to ensure that quality maintenance and repair services are efficiently delivered.

At Newfoundland HVAC, service and preventive maintenance is not a sideline, but our core business. With this as our primary focus, we have developed amongst the best trained service technicians in the business, backed by a proven service infrastructure to properly support and coordinate our maintenance and service mandates. Our team of qualified service technicians, system designers and managers offer expertise, experience and quality.

Specialties & Applications

  • Industrial and commercial air-conditioning
  • Process refrigeration (freon and ammonia)
  • Boilers and combustion
  • Building automation systems
  • Electrical
  • Computer room and clean room HVAC

Competency Cards/Licences Held

  • Air-conditioning/refrigeration
  • Gas, propane and oil
  • Electrical
  • Plumbers
  • Sheet-metal
  • Welding

Benefits For Your Operation

  • Simplified outsourcing
  • Faster diagnosis of technical problems
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • Minimum down time of production or staff
  • Higher return on maintenance investment







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