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As your occupancy and production needs grow, you will be periodically required to expand or upgrade various parts of your building's hvac systems. Consider the following points on your next project.

System Design and Cost
Your first need will be to establish a suitable design within your budget.

In other words you need an objective design partner with specific experience in the field to help you select a design that works for you.

Contractor Qualifications
You are price conscious, but equally concerned with quality and "after-sale" service. The system must work and be supported by a solid organization that will stand behind its product and reputation. Before inviting a contractor, the following pre-qualifying points should be evaluated:

  • does the organization employ full-time designers ?
  • what is the contractor's experience in the given application?
  • does the organization employ project managers?
  • what type of guarantee will you obtain?
  • what resources are in place to deliver after-sale service and maintenance?

At Anchorage Contracting, our system designers form an integral part of the Anchorage Contracting team, working hand-in-hand with our representatives, and maintenance technicians to provide our clients with objective design expertise.

Once your choice is made to work with Anchorage Contracting, we will deliver the complete system, including; the initial preliminary designs & budget costs, preparation of final designs & drawings, selection of suitable equipment, construction, installation and commissioning of the equipment, piping, electrical wiring, ducting and controls.

Profile of Capabilities

  • Specialized experience with "custom-built" industrial and commercial systems
  • Qualified designers comprised of technologists and engineers, sharing knowledge and experience
  • Complete HVAC system coverage
  • Experienced workforce, namely; refrigeration, combustion, sheet-metal, plumbers and electrical technicians to provide installation and after-sale service
  • Accountable customer representative assigned to every client
  • 'In-house' fabrication shops

Some project examples

  • Air-conditioning systems for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Humidity control in production environments
  • Automation systems
  • Freon based refrigeration systems for food processors
  • Liquid chillers for plastic and chemical industries
  • Control of air-borne contaminants in industrial environments
  • Large centrifugal and screw chillers

Faced with a wide variety of design challenges, on a daily basis, and backed by the depth of experience and knowledge that comes from being part of a team, you can count on Anchorage Contracting to provide an efficient design for your next project.


















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